Customized Websites for Small Businesses
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I am valuable to my clients because I can wear many hats at once. I don't believe in saying, "That's not my job." I have the knowledge and experience to perform the services listed below.

Professional Looking, User Friendly Websites
at a Lower Cost

Versatility and Flexibility Are the Keys
to Helping My Clients
I am a freelancer who likes to help people create and maintain a good image online. I can do your assignment well because I am meticulous about all the little details. You won't experience the frustration of dealing with a tech savvy person who creates perfect links but can't spell or touch up photos.

I love the flexibility of working on individual projects at home; however, there are times when I might accept a temporary position in your office with set hours, the old 9 to 5. I can see how that might help you when an employee is on family leave. I also realize that I might have to work on a project in your office if you use a software program I don't have or if you're sensitive about any material (photos, documents, etc.) leaving your office.

When I work at home, I use a PC with a Windows operating system. I have the following software: InDesign, Photoshop Elements, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office 2007, and The Print Shop. I also have a scanner and a digital camera. I do a lot of website work using Intuit SiteBuilder and Yahoo! SiteBuilder. On top of all that, I keep up with the times and use an iPhone 4 and Galaxy Note 8.0. 

I welcome any serious inquiry about my services. Whether you're a business owner, creative person, or recruiter at a temporary staffing agency, I'm willing to listen to what your needs are, then help you come up with a solution

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